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Hazen Paper is pleased to offer our Holojet® and Foiljet® product line.

These HP Indigo printable substrates are available in 10pt C1S and 12pt C2S Bright Silver and (11) 12pt C2S Holographic patterns.

All items are certified for HP Indigo 5500, 10000 and 12000 series presses (currently not certified for the HP Indigo 7000 series presses).

All products have a versatile primer that is press ready, will provide excellent adhesion to the HP ElectroInk, and offers an improved rub resistance.

All C2S items are RIT certified to be printable on both the holographic or silver surface and the white clay coated backside.

Holojet® and Foiljet® are offerings under the Envirofoil® product range. Sub-micron transfer-metallized Envirofoil® uses less than 1% of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate or film laminates. The aluminum layer is 300 angstroms thick (An angstrom is one ten-millionth of a millimeter). To illustrate: if you took a single Coke can and rolled it out over the area of a football field, it would still be thicker than the layer of aluminum on this transfer-metallized product.  

Silver and Holographic variants of Hazen's transfer metallized Envirofoil® were evaluated for recyclability by two accredited testing centers, Interseroh and Lucense, located in Germany and Italy respectively. Envirofoil®, Holojet®, and Foiljet® are Hazen's environmentally friendly option for metallized and holographic packaging and print solutions. 

Interseroh,Germany: Hazen Envirofoil® has earned the ability to use Interseroh's seal "Made for Recycling" on packaging made with this substrate.








































All products are available in 100 sheet cartons 19” x 13” (grain short) sheets.

12pt C2S Silver Foiljet®, 12pt C2S Rainbow Holojet® & 12pt C2S Magma Holojet® are also available in 100 sheet cartons 20.8” x 29.5” sheets.























Holojet® & Foiljet® are ideal for applications such as:

  • Identification Labels

  • Business Cards

  • Direct Mailers

  • Brochure Covers

  • Name Badges

  • Holiday Greeting Cards

  • Newsletter Covers

  • Gift Tags

  • Club Membership Cards

  • Door Hangers

  • Garment Tags

  • Punch Cards

  • Bookmarks

  • Luggage Cards

  • Passes and Tickets

Contact a Hazen Customer Care Specialist today to order!

Available Patterns

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